The Sneaky Snake : When his words don’t reflect his actions

When his actions dont reflect his words His ass is a smooth talker. It should be criminal all the bs he has been telling you. Baby, I’m a do this and baby I’m a do that. When you first got together, it was cool because hey everyone is human and we all talk a big game from time to time. At some point, however, the realization should kick you in the gut. You got a real problem with bae when his” please baby please” comes too often. Why? Because his actions don’t reflect his words. Word is bond, and it’s an important thing to stand on in your relationship. If I can’t count on you to do the things you say you gonna do… bruh we got a major problem. Learn how to spot these smooth talkers before ish gets too thick into the relationship, and you come out looking like boo boo the fool.


Serial Cheater

african-1546550_640This dude was way too good to be true. You already knew from the start. He was suave, charming, fine as hell, and the full non-monogamous type. It was damn near printed on his forehead. But your foolish little heart thought I could change him, girl, once I put this cooking and loving on him, he won’t ever cheat again. Wrong! You may be several years too late, 3 or 4 other baby mamas in, and emotionally beat down to the core before you realize the anatomy of a cheater never changes.


The Violent Temper

hand-1278394_640Males like this are scary as hell.  You saw the tale tell signs from the start. Overly aggressive behavior, jealous,  and controlling. Once he isolates you from your family and friends he is in full control to physically and emotionally abuse you at his leisure. Don’t be blinded by love! And it’s never too late to leave this kind of partner. Don’t wait around thinking this will be the last time because it never is. That sort of partner needs help, and they have to be willing to get it themselves. Stop trying to save him. Save yourself and get out.


The Gamer

pexels-photo-62468He only wants to run big game on you. This is conducted through a series of tests to see if you’re worthy.  Girl wake the hell up. Not only is he juvenile and immature but he probably is insecure as the day is long. I’m sure after he tells you that you have passed each of his tests, you will realize this guy is a plain plum fool, and you will move on.


Sorry Ass Marcus

218hApologies on top of apologies every day. Begging you not to leave him because once again he is sorry for his repetitive behavior. I hope that God shines down on you in the form of an epiphany hitting you like thunder. The overly sorry guys never change. They learn how to become more and more sneaky, so they don’t have to say I’m sorry so much.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes.. if you see a repetitive pattern in his actions call him out.  Find out the core of what’s really up. Make an informed decision if you want to stick around for the foolishness or if this was just a misunderstanding. Do what you say and say what you mean. Let’s be grown folks whose actions reflect our words.


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