The Absentee Partner

The Absentee PartnerEver feel like your single while your married? You are making an effort in your relationship with nothing in return. Your daily routine has turned into a humdrum session of you in one room and him in the other. Are feeling lonely in your relationship? You may have an absentee partner. A person who is physically there with you each and every day but they are so preoccupied with other things that it feels like your alone in your relationship. Is it entirely his fault? Two people make a relationship work so effort should be made on your side as well. Whether you feel it’s warranted or not is up to you. Let’s pull closer together.

Create some shared interests

motorcycle-racer-597913_640If your guy is obsessed with bowling or motorcycles, get obsessed with them too! Find out what he likes so much about his favorite hobbies.  Surprise him with a visit to his local motorcycle shop. You will learn some new things about your guy and could, in fact, start to like these things as well. Invite him to your next book club meeting and share your love of photography with him. Fill those void spaces with some shared interests.

Watch his favorite sports with him

football-801047_640Even if you hate sports with a passion, and have no clue what is going on sit down and watch the game. Instead of begging him to watch The Real Housewives with you, snuggle up next to your man and ESPN. Don’t ask too many questions just be there. He will appreciate your effort and start to fill you in on some things you might not understand.  Get some snacks, and this may become a Sunday ritual for you guys.

Try something new

billiards-1167221_640If you are stuck in a  rut, break the routine.  Go out for Mexican on Taco Tuesdays or make Wednesday family game night. Go bar hopping, check out a local pool hall, or even try fencing.  Not only will you get the interaction and attention you need, but you will also create some new memories together.  Groupon has tons of coupons for new things to check out in your area together. Get off the couch and get going together.


Open up

pexels-photo-196666Communicate to your partner your feelings of loneliness in the relationship. It’s possible that they could be feeling the same. Create a list of things you need to feel loved together. Exchange the list with your partner. You may be surprised at the subtle changes needed to brighten up each others day.  Your man needs to know that him getting up every day and providing isn’t all that you need from him. Men, we need your time, energy, attention, affection, and love daily. Open up and let us know what you need as well. And ladies we don’t need to nag to get them to do what we want. A little TLC can go a long way.

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