Seven types of “booed up” you don’t want to be

couple-love-people-romanticBeing booed up is great. The warmth and comfort of having someone to snuggle up with is the best feeling in the world.  But I’m a true believer in karma, and usually, the way you get him is the way your gonna lose him. Try not to get so caught up in the rapture of love that you are one of these kinds of booed up.


  • The internet thot


We live in the 21st century, so online relationships are very common. Nothing wrong with that at all. But when your Instagram profile is full of half naked pictures of yourself in all sorts of compromising positions….. Please don’t be surprised at the type of company you attract. Whatever man that decides to deal with you is just looking for a quick hotfix and on to the next one.  Internet thots don’t magically turn into housewives!


  • The side chick


Its one thing to be mislead and lied to by your partner about their relationship status. It’s another  thing to  have such low self-esteem and self worth to  be the side piece.  As a sidepiece you know he is in a committed relationship with another person and your content to stay in your lane. If you choose to live foul like this don’t catch any feelings and think down the road he is leaving his wife or girlfriend for you. You’re the side piece nothing more and nothing less.

  • The booty call girl


There is a thin veil between you and the side chick. You know he is only calling when it’s dark outside. And you already know that he is only coming over to hit it.  If you are pursuing a relationship and this dude can only call you for sex, you may want to make it clear to him that he has the wrong one.

  • His ex-girlfriend’s best friend


You’re in a world of trouble with this! Not only are you breaking girl code you are the most dangerous kind of woman that exists. The kind that will steal your best friend’s man right under her nose. Things may not have worked out for them.  You may have convinced yourself you’re a better match for him and know how to treat him right anyway. Whatever convoluted things you have to say to yourself for you to sleep at night are on you. Just know this, karma is a bitch and it’s only a matter of time.

  • The captain save a ho girl


You are always in distress. Always needing a man to save you.  A princess such as yourself is used to a man doing each and everything for you. At some point in your life, independent thinking and existence will be a crucial point of your growing process. A man isn’t everything, and nobody saves like Jesus.  Get it together!

  • The inappropriate work relationship

    curly-hair-1806272_640I’m not saying it’s not possible to fall in love with someone you work with. However check your HR guidelines because this relationship, as good as it may be could cost you your livelihood. If things are serious, keep it under wraps at work at all costs. Consider transferring to another branch or finding a new job. Beware because couples working together day in and day out can be disastrous.

  • The enabler


You’re not together, but he calls you when he needs to borrow a couple of dollars. He might be laid off right now and needs to crash on your couch for a couple of months.  His ass is driving your car all over town and using your capital one card all in the name of love. Your enabling  this man who knows you’re a fool to be used. Hopefully, you will wake up from the daze of enablement before it’s too late.



2 thoughts on “Seven types of “booed up” you don’t want to be

  1. Christina says:

    Great read it’s easy to find yourself in either situation, if you’re not committed to yourself, knowing your worth & insisting that you get a relationship that you deserve.

    • HBM staff writer says:

      Christina so true. I wish women would know you set the tone for your relationship! We are queens and deserve the best demand it!

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