Is butt play fun play ?

Butt Play

The human body can find pleasure in so many unusual ways.  Most recently butt love aka eating the booty, and tossing salads are in the spotlight. We are all adults here, so yes it may be gross to some. However, some people may enjoy giving and receiving this type of taboo love. P.S if you’re unsure, we are talking about inserting and licking around the anus ( not doggy style sex ).  Let’s look at the benefits and the cons of butt play, and you can decide for yourself if this is erotic or too taboo for you. Personally, I will pass on this one but to each his own!



Apparently, there are massive clusters of nerves surrounding the anus making it much more pleasurable and easier to reach an orgasm for both partners. 

For men, it is easier access to the world famous G-spot.

Men claim that the anus cavity is a tighter fit than the vagina and in some instances feels better?  I say you should find a better vagina … anywho.

Conquering the unknown taboo world of anal play may open up your relationship to lots of other erotic adventures you never knew you were down for.

Eliminates the fear of pregnancy however it is just as dangerous for STDs and HIV exposure so be careful and be safe!

Clears you out bowel wise. I just can’t with this one .. I can’t !!!

New toys. There are tons of beads, plugs, and lubricant that can make butt play fun!




If you haven’t already cleared this with your partner, this may come as an unsettling surprise. Not only will it shut down a sex session this may cause you some serious relationship issues.

The vagina has natural lubricant the anus does not. So lubricant is a must and lube isn’t always fun for some people.

The pain… I’m not sure this area is meant for insertion!!!

Do not double dip the chip- nobody wants to kiss someone with butt breath. Please rinse your mouth with antiseptic or mouthwash. You shouldn’t be kissing someone after they have licked your bum.

Once again it clears you out and gets your bowels moving. Maybe too much !!!! Tearing and injury to the anus can open you up to loose bowels.

Excrement comes out of the anus; then you wanna put a penis or tongue in there? Ewww!!

Increased risk of HPV, E-coli spreading from anus to vagina, and more increased UTI infections.

Lastly, why settle for the butt when the vagina is the ultimate pleasure source!!!


What you do in the bedroom is your prerogative. Make sure you set rules and communicate to your partner what is a turn on and what is off limits. Be clean and be safe! Is but play fun play for you?

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