Are you petty in love ?


Are you the girl who loves to fight? You will hold a grudge for a minute to show him who’s really boss. I mean you did tell him to put the cap back on the toothpaste way too many times.  And you have already explained your position on his boys coming over to hang out whenever they want.   But do you know how to draw the line between having a healthy debate in your relationship or just being plain petty and simple all the time?  Here are six ways to tell if you’re petty as hell.

Your quick to blow up

It’s amazing how some of us women love to jump to conclusions without having any hard evidence.  We sometimes put that female intuition into overdrive. You have already cut up his clothes, blocked him from your social media, and greased up your face before he can even explain himself.  Take notes from the experts if your gonna snoop. Pull a Columbo and get the hard facts. Make sure you can back up anything you suspect him of doing.  And FYI quit acting crazy all the time. Your gonna end up with a court order against you or better yet in jail. Calm down!

You know your wrong but have already gone too far

Sometimes you might jump down that rabbit hole, and can’t find a way out. You know your wrong, he knows your wrong but your just too prideful to admit it. Not only is this a red flag for a man, but it also shows how immature and unprepared for a relationship you really are. Its ok to be wrong sometimes.

You cyber stalk

Lawd have mercy on the poor man who likes the picture of another woman on IG or Facebook! Men beware because the petty girl you’re dealing with already knows and is ready to jump all over you about it. For the cyber stalking petty woman who is watching her man’s every move online, please get a life. If you don’t trust him then end the relationship. It’s just that simple.

Everything revolves around you

PettyIt’s all about you, and he should realize that because well, shit you’re the bomb right? Unfortunately, things in the real world don’t work this way. And a real relationship is about making it work with two people who are committed and in love. If you’re unwilling to compromise and bring everything at its root back to you, it may be time for you to be with someone who will love you best… You. If you have a 90% narcissistic personality, you may need to focus on you and then find some time for someone else in your life later down the road.

Revenge is always on your mind

The tit for tat woman will never win. You will constantly be in an uphill battle of trying to make him pay for every little thing he has ever done. And is this really how you want to spend your entire relationship?  Placing the blame back and forth on one another is just draining. This is a truly unhealthy relationship at its best.

You withhold sex

I’m sorry, but this one works!. Men love the cookie, and this one works a lot !!  Use this one only with discretion for serious issues that you are simply not bending on. After a week of no cookie, he will change his mind.

Do you find yourself being petty sometimes in your relationship?

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